Wellesley's 'Greenest'

Patch Picks of the week.

This week's asked what organizations in Wellesley are the greenest - meaning most environmentally friendly. Here are the picks:

The Schools – Town wide, the schools are known for recycling. In previous years, the schools had a system in which students from every grade participated in sorting waste products for proper recycling. (The schools this year to a company which uses a “single stream” system, which at the end of the academic year.)

The Town – The town, in conjunction with the Sustainable Energy Committee, is in the process of cutting down Wellesley’s carbon footprint significantly by 2013.

– Wellesley has arguably the “greenest” area right in its backyard: The Massachusetts Horticultural Society of course.

The RDF - Wellesley's is an environmentalist's paradise. It's at an easy-to-find location with easy-to-use recycling stations.


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