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Wellesley’s Weatherman: Sandy Will Be Downgraded to Tropical Storm

A local weather expert predicts that Hurricane Sandy will have lost strength by the time it hits Wellesley.

While Hurricane Sandy barrels up the coast, predictions of its affects on New England are all over the place.

Local weather expert John Halamka says Sandy will no longer be a hurricane by the time it reaches the area.

“At this point, I am expecting the hurricane status to be downgraded to tropical storm conditions with moderate wind and water,” Halamka emailed from Shanghai, China where he is currently working on health information exchange. “Downed tree limbs and some loss of power are likely.”

Halamka, who recently moved to Sherborn, used to live on Alden Road and kept a homemade weather station on his chimney.

Halamka is best known as an emergency physician who has served as CIO of Harvard Medical School and Beth Israel and Deaconess Medical Center. Weather is a serious hobby for Halamka, and when asked how he came to his most recent prediction, he said: “As with all things in life I'm applying the principle of moderation, balancing my past experience and storm track probability.”


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