Wellesley, Home of the Facebook Deactivation Agreement?

Agreement between Wellesley father and daughter to switch off Facebook getting some press.


How much is your Facebook page worth? 

A Wellesley father recently signed an agreement with his daughter to switch off her page for 5 months, a story in Forbes reports, in exchange for $200.

The terms of agreement were posted on Paul Baier's PracticalSustainability blog. In the Facebook Deactivation Agreement, Baier's daughter agrees to deactivate her profile and hand the password over to her father until April 26. He will pay her $50 on April 15, and $150 on April 26. 

Baier's daughter wrote in that she plans to use the money for "stuff."

See the agreement in full on the PracticalSustainability blog.

Peter Cohan, who writes in Forbes, believes this to be a signal that Facebook is losing relevance, asking whether this "will put an end to Facebook" and citing a Pew Research Center survey which shows some users are losing interest. 

TODAY Digital Life writes that the internet went nuts over this proposal. Comments on the blog post and on other sources are mixed about the Agreement, and Baier told TODAY that he is "shocked" by the attention.

Said TODAY Moms contributer Amy McCready, “I think this a great example of a daughter’s entrepreneurship, ingenuity and a great lessons learned in business.”

What do you think? Is this the beginning of a trend, or simply a bit of precocious from a teenager? Do you think Facebook is on its way out?

See the full post on Forbes


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