Town Hall Walking Path Being Removed to Make Way for Grass

NRC said area trees had impacted the path in recent years.

There is currently a massive dirt trench where a cement walkway used to be, which stretches from the parking lot of , down the sprawling hill, and to the sidewalk on Washington Street. Soon, the trench will disappear and the area will simply be lawn, but why did the town decide to do away with the walking path?

Janet Bowser, director of the Natural Resources Commission, said over time, the massive area trees’ root structures have impacted the walkway, for one thing, and secondly, the walkway seemed unnecessary. Also, the path once led to an area of Washington Street where there was no crosswalk leading to the library on the other side.

“It sort of encouraged people to cross illegally,” Bowser said.

The path will be grass within the next two weeks, she said.


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