Residents No Longer Allowed to Bring Used Needles to RDF in July

The ban on needles in all household trash is statewide.

The Wellesley Health Department is reminding residents that they may no longer throw used needles away via curbside private trash haul or at the RDF beginning July 1.

Residents can only bring needles to the during designated fall and spring needle take-back days, according to a press release issued by the department.

The law was put into effect in an effort to reduce the risk of accidental contraction of HIV/AIDS, according to a press release issued by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

“In Wellesley, the law will be important for employees involved in sharps collection at the RDF, and private trash haulers, as it will significantly reduce the risk of needle-stick injuries and disease,” according to the Wellesley Health Department release.

Residents may bring their sharps to the RDF in capped, sturdy, puncture and leak-proof containers (such as coffee cans, rigid plastic containers or approved sharps containers) once a year - during the Household Hazardous Products Collection Day, the first Sunday in May, the press release says.

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health has published a Q&A about the law.


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