Questions of the Week: June 13 – 17

Our questions, your responses from the past week.

Each day, Wellesley Patch provides you with a . The feature typically asks the readers to weigh in on a topic fresh on the minds of Wellesley residents. This Friday column is a roundup of those questions and  their responses, and it also offers you a chance to weigh in one more time.

Monday, June 13:

Tuesday, June 14:

  • Reader Erin wrote, Parking and traffic. Wellesley Sq. is so congested, I avoid it at all costs!
  • Wellesley Patch editor Bret Silverberg responded, Gotta admit it’s quaint though, right?
  • Reader Tim wrote, The best thing that can happen to Swellesley Sq. is a sports bar, the town is so boring, some kind of life has to pumped into it, if you want a beer with out buying a meal, you have to go to Natick, does that make any sense?
  • On Wellesley Patch's Facebook page, Alli Braus Fronzaglia wrote, Two words: ! I think Roche Bros is responsible for a lot of the Linden Square traffic. I know that I shop at a lot of Linden Square stores simply because I'm already there buying groceries.
  • Reader DB wrote, The key to success for Linden Square AND Wellesley Square is to CONNECT them and make it the nucleus of the town. This can be done by building a pedestrian/bicycle underpass of Everett St (Street just west of Beacon Hill Athletic club that Jimmy's is on). It would come out in Town Park west of Town Hall, east of Post Office. It was originally planned in the 1940's but put on hold due to the war. Bring it back!!! Minimize vehicle traffic, encourage foot/bicycle traffic, connect the 2 squares --- a WIN WIN situation! 

Wednesday, June 15:

Thursday, June 16:

If you missed these questions earlier in the week and would like to respond now, feel free to either submit responses in the comments section here, or click the provided links back to the original questions and respond there.

Also, go ahead and provide Wellesley Patch’s editor with some new ideas by sending him an e-mail at Bret.Silverberg@Patch.com, or by leaving a question or two in the comments.


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