Police: Earthquake Aftershocks Felt in Wellesley, No Injuries or Damage Reported

The eastern seaboard felt the effects of an earthquake this afternoon.

The released an alert reporting no injuries or damage in Wellesley after the town felt the lingering effects of an earthquake centered in Virginia earlier this afternoon.

Immediately after the quake, there was a flurry of Tweets indicating rumblings were felt in Wellesley:

@Bob_Murray: I felt it in Wellesley. I thought I was just feeling dizzy at first.

@oshaer: We just felt the #wellesley science center shaking #earthquake

@scliffybgc: Wellesley just shook a bit

@Rubenesquex3: I'm right near there! (well, Wellesley) I was like, WHY is my room shaking!?

Officials at  said they did not feel the earthquake, but they checked the building for damage after word spread that it had occurred.

"We walked around the building and saw no structural damage," said Chris Ketchen, deputy director of general government.

Following the inspection, Ketchen said he told staff, "If you see anything, say something."

The quake, which multiple news outlets are reporting was a 5.9 magnitude, caused buildings to shake along the east coast.

Dennis Noonan August 25, 2011 at 05:50 PM
If you live close to the RR tracks you experience a 5.9 tremor at least three times an hour plus you get a shrieking blast from the horn. Big deal!


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