Renewable Energy Program Seeks Volunteers; Program Leaders at RDF Today

Members of Wellesley’s Sustainable Energy Committee will be at the RDF from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. today.

To meet Wellesley’s goal of reducing its carbon footprint 10 percent by next year, the town is spreading the word on renewable energy.

Members of Wellesley’s Sustainable Energy Committee will be at the RDF - 169 Great Plain Ave. - today beginning at 11 a.m. to help people with their recycling and to explain a bit about the group’s new Wellesley Renewable Energy initiative.

Here are some facts on the voluntary program provided by Sustainable Eneregy Committee member Phyllis Theerman:

What is Wellesley Renewable Energy?

  • Through our Town-owned utility, the Wellesley Municipal Light Plant, you can buy Renewable Energy for all or part of your electricity use (10%, 25%, 50% or 100%).
  • Most or all of the Renewable Energy will come from the Spruce Mountain Wind Farm in Maine

What Does Wellesley Renewable Energy Cost?

  • There is a $.04 per kilowatt hour surcharge for Wellesley Renewable Energy
  • At the lowest participation level (10%), the monthly surcharge for the typical* household is $3.40 (less than the current price for a gallon of gas)
  • You can estimate your own monthly surcharge using the calculator on www.WellesleyRenewableEnergy.com or by calling the Town of Wellesley Municipal Light Plant Customer Service at 781 235-7600 X 3366
  • Simple energy conservation measures can offset the surcharge for renewable

*”Typical” is defined as the midpoint of household usage levels, 850 kWh per month

How Do I buy Wellesley Renewable Energy?

  • Just fill out your contact information on the sign up card or at www.WellesleyRenewableEnergy.com
  • The surcharge will appear on your monthly utility bill.  The Town will purchase more Renewable Energy on our behalf, as more people sign up
  • There is no obligation, you can cancel or change your percentage (increase or decrease) at any time
  • Your electricity will flow into your home as usual

Why Support Renewable Energy

  • Support cleaner air and water
  • Diversify New England energy sources to provide more energy independence and security
  • Create more demand for renewable energy sources in order to encourage more development of these sources
  • Support Town Meeting’s goal to reduce Wellesley’s carbon footprint by 10% by 2013, using 2007 as a base year
  • Lower your carbon footprint. Signing up for 100% renewable is the equivalent to taking your car off the road for 9 months. That’s how much carbon you can save.


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