More Weed Reported Than in Past Years at Wellesley High

Police report a higher number of incidents of students with marijuana at the high school than in past years.


The number of Wellesley High School students getting caught with marijuana is unusually high. 

Last week, Wellesley Schools held an assembly to talk about the recent rise in the use of pot among the student population. There have been six instances of students found with marijuana, according to a Swellesley Report story.

This is more than in past years, and with Wellesley's by-laws prohibiting possession of less than an ounce of weed,olice issued town bylaw citations to the six students. lt has been decriminalized at a state level, however.

“We have certainly seen a lot more young people openly driving around in cars – and when I say young people, it could be college-aged or people who are in their early to mid-20s, or things of that nature – they are under the impression that since it’s decriminalized under one ounce that they can smoke it freely in their vehicle or anywhere else they want to,” Wellesley Police Lieutenant Marie Cleary told YourTown Wellesley.

Cleary added that police have noticed more openness about marijuana use among teens since it was decriminalized in Massachusetts. In November, Mass. also voted to approve the legalization of medical marijuana. 

See the full story on YourTown Wellesley.

Before the November election, Police Chief Terrance Cunningham wrote to Patch urging voters to vote against the The passing of the question brought Mixed Feelings Among Wellesley Voters

Last year, a survey also showed that more seniors at Wellesley High School drink alcohol than don't.


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