Hurricane Sandy Tears Through Wellesley

At one point the hurricane brought 85 mph gusts through town.

OUTSIDE BOSTON -- Hurricane Sandy blew through the entire east coast yesterday and left a serious mark on Wellesley.

Trees fell into power lines, on top of cars and even into a few houses during yesterday’s massive storm. Downed limbs temporarily blocked roadways throughout town, specifically on Crest Road during the storm's early stages.

Rains drenched Wellesley all day and overnight causing minor flooding in areas near Fuller Brook.

Police and fire officials worked on an early-evening fire caused by downed wires on Seaver Street, and Municipal Light Plant crews were out all day and through the night making sure people’s lights stayed on.

There were numerous power outages in Wellesley throughout the afternoon, but slowly the power came back on as the winds died down after the 8 p.m. hour. All power was restored by midnight.

Schools and town offices were closed yesterday, but some business stayed open as long as possible. The Wellesley Square Starbucks closed at 1:30 p.m. and police ordered vehicles off the roadways at about 3:30 p.m.

Police then closed Route 16 between Wellesley and Natick due to downed power lines. WBZ Radio reported wind gusts in Wellesley reached up to 85 mph.

Sandy has mostly dissipated but she’s still in the air. School is closed today as residents and town crews clean up.

Following Tropical Storm Irene, the Recycle and Disposal Facility maintained extra hours for brush disposal; the same could be expected this time around.


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