Former Doctor Convicted of Murder Appeals to US Supreme Court for New Trial

Former allergist Dirk Greineder is serving a life sentence for the slaying of his wife in 1999.

The US Supreme Court will review an attempt for a new trial by the former Wellesley allergist serving a life sentence for the Oct. 31, 1999 murder of his wife.

The Boston Herald reported yesterday that on April 1 the high court will review a 30-page document, which claims that former doctor Dirk Greineder’s was the victim of “hearsay” under the Sixth Amendment because a lab director who testified as an expert witness at his trial about DNA evidence was not actually involved in the testing process.

In 2001, Greineder, 70, was given a life sentence for the murder of his wife Mabel. An appeal of the case was denied by the state’s highest court last November.


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