How To 'Post Your Own' on Wellesley Patch

You can post your own events and announcements easily on Patch! Here's how.


Dear Wellesley Patch readers and users, let’s consider this "Post Your Own Event or Announcement" week. Little do people know, you do not need to e-mail the editor to get an announcement or event posted on Wellesley Patch. We give you the option to do it yourself and it's super easy! Here’s how to get either done: 

  • Events: Wellesley Patch provides a button on the home page labeled “Post your own event.” Once clicked, the button takes you to a page with prompts to fill in the necessary event information. You can also upload photos or video.
  • Announcements: Hover over the “news” tab on the home page and click the word “announcements.” On the next page, you’ll find a button at the top right corner labeled “Add an Announcement.” Once clicked, this button takes you to a page with prompts to fill in the necessary information. And, like events, you can upload photos and video.

After you have posted, if you think your announcement or event should get a bit of extra attention – and really, they all warrant plenty of attention – e-mail the editor to let him know you’ve posted an announcement or event. He can take care of the rest – which often means top future top billing on the home page.

As always, you can e-mail the editor with questions. And thank you for reading Wellesley Patch!


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