5 Things You Need to Know: Feb. 26

Distinguished writers, auditioning for a show, and learning a bit about sign language for kids.

1. Partly sunny and a little warm during the day--high of 43ºF, according to the National Weather Service. They also predit some snow and sleet in the evening, a 70 percent chance of about a half-inch--temperature lows 32ºF. 

2. Wellesley College is spending the afternoon with two Distinguished Writers: Don Lee and Stephanie Reents. This, the latest installment in their ongoing series, starts at 4:30 p.m. Don Lee’s most recent novel is "The Collective," and his previous works include "Wrack and Ruin," and "Country of Origin." Stephanie Reents is the author of The Kissing List.

3. For anyone thinking about working sign language into an early childhood curriculum,  is presenting a program entitled  at 6 p.m. tonight, with a light dinner, at the Needham Free Public Library. They are asking for $25 for the course. For more, contact Lori Davis at ldavis@tecpa.org.

4. When a man comes into a small Iowa town and agrees to run their band program, they don't know he, well, lacks any musical skill. Want to know how to help them learn? Well, . Try-outs start up at 6:30 p.m., at the Christ Episcopal Church. 

5. Divorce is a tough situation--considering it, going through it, anything. Don't rush in without weighing all of the options. If you're wondering whether mediation is right for you, Centre for Mediation & Dispute Resolution has a free seminar tonight entitled Choose Divorce Mediation: Is It Right For You?


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