5 Things You Need to Know: Dec. 27

Five essential things for today, like a field fundraiser and the Kiwanis. Your pick!

1. If the National Weather Service is right, then you can expect tomorrow to be rainy--with a little snow in the evening. A 100 percent chance of rain during the day, leading to a mix before 10 p.m., with just snow afterward. Temperatures should range between 44ºF and 27ºF. 

2. If your New Year's resolution is to keep up to date with everything going on in town, then you we can help you with our Patch Newsletter. Each day, we fill the newsletter with local stories, thought-provoking talkers and--of course--the Five Things (like what you're reading now). 

3. Greene's Field is running a Fundraiser By Y3K Tutor In Your Home. That is, if you get services from Y3K Tutor In Your Home, starting at $10, they will give 10 percent of the proceeds to rebuilding Greene's Field. 

4. Join the Wellesley Kiwanis Club for their lunch and program today. Stop by at 12:15 p.m. at the Kiwanis Club of Wellesley. 

5. Dahlia Gallery is hosting their 8th Annual Handmade Scarf Show at their Newton location. It features all of their handmade wearables and accessories by Carter Smith, Leni Hoch, Hillary Gifford, Hulda Bridgeman, Loominus, Betsy Giberson and more. 


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