2013 Boston Marathon Applications Open

Wellesley Officials are accepting applicants to run in the 2013 Boston Marathon. Runners will benefit four local non-profit organizations.


Wellesley runners, strap on your shoes and start training for 26.2 miles.

Applications for the 2013 Boston Marathon are open, and the town has 20 runner numbers to give out to those who apply before Friday, Dec. 14. 

Applicants will be running to benefit four local organizations: the Wellesley Scholarship Foundation, Wellesley Friendly Aid Association, Wellesley Theatre Project, and the West Suburban Veterans’ Services District

Those who are running will be notified by Dec. 20, and will have between then and April 15 to both train for the 26.2 mile course and raise $4,000 for their charities. 

If you're running the Marathon, let Patch know in the comments. Post announcements or fundraising events. Don't forget to come back during the race and let us know how you're doing.

Below (and under PDFs) is the full press release from the Town:

Boston Marathon Numbers Available

The Boston Athletic Association (BAA) makes invitational applications available to the towns along the route of the Boston Marathon. This is done as a thank you for the coordination and cooperation of the communities during the Boston Marathon that will take place this year on April 15, 2013.  

These numbers are highly coveted by those who wish to run as the race is limited to a certain number of runners.The goal of the invitational entries is to allow these towns to raise funds for charities and good causes.  This year, the Board of Selectmen (BOS) received numerous applications from a variety of worthwhile charitable organizations.  

After careful consideration of the applications, the BOS has chosen Wellesley Scholarship Foundation (WSF), Wellesley Friendly Aid Association, Wellesley Theatre Project, and the West Suburban Veterans’ Services District as the recipients of funding through this year’s marathon invitational entries.

The Wellesley Scholarship Foundation - The mission of the Wellesley Scholarship Foundation is to solicit and receive gifts from individuals and organizations to recognize and support academic pursuits through the award of scholarships to residents of the Town of Wellesley. 

Wellesley Friendly Aid Association - The mission of the Wellesley Friendly Aid Association, a community-based, non-profit organization is to improve the well-bring and quality of life of the residents of Wellesley. Through its evolving range of programs and services, made available both directly and in collaboration with other organizations and agencies, Wellesley Friendly Aid offers assistance to Wellesley individuals and families of all incomes and ages who have a variety of unmet needs.

Wellesley Theatre Project - The Wellesley Theatre Project is a nonprofit empowering youth with life skills learned through exceptional performing arts education and then challenges them to become citizen artists --improving the quality of life in their local and global community by emphasizing collaboration, cultural and social understanding.

West Suburban Veterans’ District - The mission of the West Suburban Veterans Services District is to better the lives of veterans and their families by helping veterans and their family members take advantage of benefits they earned as a result of their service to their country. 

The Board intends to distribute the 20 invitational entries as follows:

  • Two (3) numbers to the Wellesley Police Department;
  • Five (5) numbers to the Wellesley Scholarship Foundation;
  • Five (5) numbers to Wellesley Friendly Aid Association;
  • Four (5) numbers to Wellesley Theatre Project;
  • Two (2) numbers to West Suburban Veterans’ District.
The entry fee is $300 ($350 if postmarked after February 1, 2013). The minimum fundraising contribution is $4,000. Applications will be available in the Board of Selectmen’s office, Wellesley Town Hall, 3rd floor, beginning on Monday, November 26, 2012.  All applicants must complete the application form and return it to the Board of Selectmen’s office by email or in person by 5 p.m. on December 14. Wellesley residents and Town of Wellesley employees will be given priority.
The invitational entries will be determined by a lottery on December 17 at 1 p.m. and recipients will be notified on December 20. In the event that all numbers are not utilized by Wellesley residents or Town employees, the Board of Selectmen reserves the right to make alternative arrangements. If you have an interest in applying for an invitational number to the 117th Boston Marathon, please contact Terrance Connolly, Board of Selectmen’s office, Wellesley Town Hall, 781-431-1019 ext. 2207 or email tconnolly@wellesleyma.gov
Invitational entries represent a small percentage of the overall field. If the maximum allocation of invitational entries is reached prior to the date the application is received in the Hopkinton office, it may not be accepted.
Athlete may not compete in a manner which, in the judgment of race officials, interferes with race operations or other participants. Athlete must be able to complete the entire 26.2 mile course within six hours. Official timing and scoring is done by net time and ceases at 4:45 p.m. Invitational athletes will be assigned bib numbers based on the date their application is received. Starting corrals are assigned by bib numbers, beginning immediately behind the qualified runners. Applications may not be transferred, sold, used for auction, or distributed in any similar manner. If the athlete is unable to participate on April 15, 2013, the runner will not be eligible for a deferment.
The entry fee of $300 ($350 if postmarked after February 1, 2013) is not transferable or refundable. The entrant must notify the BAA’s registration office if the entrant to whom the invitation entry is distributed is mobility impaired, including competing with use of a hand cycle, or in the wheelchair division for the event organization’s planning purposes.
Invitational entries will be distributed by the Board of Selectmen through a lottery on December 17, 2012. Each individual that receives an invitational entry will be required to commit:
  • to pay the entry fee of $300 to the Boston Athletic Association ($350 if postmarked  after February 1); 
  • and to raise the amount of $4,000 for  Wellesley Scholarship Foundation, Wellesley Friendly Aid Association, Wellesley Theatre Project, or West Suburban Veterans’ District before May 17, 2013.  


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