Upham Elementary's Invention Convention Gets 4 Thumbs Up for Record Participation and Enthusiasm

4 Thumbs Up for Upham Elementary's Invention Convention
4 Thumbs Up for Upham Elementary's Invention Convention

Upham Elementary’s Invention Convention Gets 4 Thumbs Up for Record Participation and Enthusiasm 

Wellesley, MA – April 3, 2014 –The Upham Invention Convention, held on March 26th, 2014 at Upham Elementary School in Wellesley, MA, was a great success with record-breaking participation and enthusiasm for science. LINX science teachers were on hand as special guests to further inspire the young scientists as they proudly displayed their presentations.

The fair proved to be a great success among kids and parents with record level participation. "We were asked to attend the event as a follow up to running the brainstorming session for the students at Upham a month prior to the event," shared Josh Schiering, LINX Vice President. Susan Cracraft, the Upham Science Fair Coordinator, reported that a record breaking 90 participants were at this year's fair and due, "largely in part because of the LINX Science team's inspiring brainstorming session". The February 25th brainstorming session was an interactive science show designed to inspire the imaginations of the students preparing for the March 26th Invention Convention. 

LINX Science teacher Chris Dumais was on hand as each participant received a $50 scholarship to attend LINX Camps. "Seeing all the kids at the fair with their presentations was a real treat," shared Chris. "The young scientists were so excited when we gave them a Scholarship Certificate to join us this summer at LINX Science Camps!” 

LINX, a proud advocate for STEM programs (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), runs a very popular science camp led by area science teachers who make science education fun in their hands-on lab. Campers in Kindergarten through 8th grade are led on a science adventure. Projects vary from week to week as campers take a hands-on look at solar energy, hybrid technology, hydroelectric and wind power, and more. A typical day at Science Camp includes three science intensives, a lunch period, a swim period (including Red Cross Certified swim instruction), and a bonus camp activity period. The camp, located at LINX’s Dana Hall Campus in Wellesley, consists of weekly full day sessions (9am – 4pm), starting July 7th and ending on August 15th. For more information on LINX Science Camp or to register (space is limited), visit www.linxcamps.com/SpecialtyCamps/Science or call 781-235-3210.

Serving Wellesley and surrounding communities, LINX is now in its seventh year of operation with over thirty premier camps. The main office is located at 141 Linden Street in Wellesley, MA. More information about LINX and its programs, classes or special events can be found at www.linx-usa.com. 

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