Local, Award-Winning ClearView Audio Moves to Wellesley

The local startup audio company moves to new space in advance of the retail launch of its first product, Clio™
The local startup audio company moves to new space in advance of the retail launch of its first product, Clio™

ClearView® Audio, the entrepreneurial company led by a team of innovative designers and engineers deeply steeped in Boston’s acclaimed acoustic speaker heritage, have moved offices from Waltham to Wellesley.

The company, formerly known as Emo Labs, left 186 3rd Avenue in Waltham and moved to 110 Cedar Street, Wellesley Hills, a more modern space that will allow ClearView Audio to custom create a state of the art sound and engineering lab as well as providing more room for expansion.

“We are thrilled to move to our new space, which we have the flexibility to adapt to our needs as we expand our team and product offerings,” said Stefan Bokamper, CEO, ClearView Audio. “It was important for us to stay here in the Boston, the city we consider the cradle of audio technology in the U.S., and we were very pleased to find 110 Cedar Street.

ClearView Audio is best known for Clio, the revolutionary new speaker that employs an ultra-thin, slightly curved, and optically clear acrylic glass transducer to disperse sound waves in multiple directions. Because of its innovative acoustic design, Clio can be placed anywhere and produce rich, clear, room-filling sound. Clio’s sleek, minimalistic design allows the barely visible speaker to “disappear” against its surroundings.

Clio enjoyed a tremendously successful launch at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year. ClearView Audio won two highly-coveted editorial awards including “Best in Show: Audio Category” from Engadget and the Reviewed.com/USA Today “Editor’s Choice Award.”  Additionally, ClearView Audio was recognized as a 2014 CES Innovations Design & Engineering Honoree prior to the show. 

To learn more about ClearView Audio, please visit ClearViewAudio.com, friend us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter @clearviewaudio.


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