LINX Specialty Camps Offers Popular Outward Adventures Camp for a 5th Year

Canoeing at LINX Outward Adventures Camp
Canoeing at LINX Outward Adventures Camp

LINX Specialty Camps Offers Popular Outward Adventures Camp for a 5th Year

Wellesley, MA March 24, 2014 - LINX, Wellesley’s leading enrichment club for children and teens, is offering it’s popular Outward Adventures Camp for the 5th summer.  Senior campers in 2nd through 8th grade enjoy age appropriate, heart-pumping camp survival skills activities through 8 one-week sessions (June 23rd through August 15th) in the great outdoors.  Highly qualified LINX leaders teach, guide, and have fun with the young campers as they learn wilderness survival skills, how to set a snare trap, and much more. 

LINX’s Outward Adventures Camp curriculum designed and developed by former marine captains, scout experts and veteran camp counselors, is ideal for boy and girl scouts or children who love the outdoors and adventure. Campers are challenged with activities like mud runs, cargo net challenge, obstacle course training, fort building, and Camouflage Day.  More traditional activities enjoyed are canoeing, fishing and archery.  A typical day (9:00am – 4:00pm) can include fire making, learning GPS navigation, and setting up base camp in extreme weather conditions as campers are blasted with water and air cannons to simulate hurricane conditions.  All campers take part in a 60-minute daily swim, which includes lessons from Red Cross Certified swim instructors, and free swim.  LINX Vice President/Executive Director of LINX and LX Summer Camps enthusiastically stands behind the camp stating, "LINX Outward Adventures is an intense experiential program for campers looking to be challenged to work as a team in the great outdoors!  Under the direction of four-time OA Coordinator, Chris "Get After It" Dumais, the campers enjoy getting muddy as they climb obstacles, build forts and learn what it takes to survive as a unit using minimal materials.  OA Campers thirst for more each day as we challenge them to be the best they can be!"

Serving Wellesley and surrounding communities, LINX is now in its seventh year of operation with over thirty premier camps.  The main office is located at 141 Linden Street in Wellesley, MA.  More information about LINX’s Outward Adventures Camp and other specialty camps can be found at www.linxcamps.com/SpecialtyCamps/OutwardAdventures or by calling 781-235-3210.



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