LINX is a Leader in Providing Unique Enrichment Programs Not Obtainable in Schools

LINX is a Leader in Providing Unique Enrichment Programs Not Obtainable in Schools


WELLESLEY, MA - March 13, 2014 - LINX successfully bridges the gap between private and public schools through fun-based enrichment programs and providing Wellesley and surrounding communities with superior programs and summer camps. Since its inception in 2006, LINX, located at 141 Linden Street, Wellesley, MA, has grown to provide private and home schooled children the opportunity to participate in programs to explore, create and grow. LINX has over 200 enrichment classes covering six specialty areas: dance, theater and movies, sports, martial arts, art, and science. LINX has long enjoyed reaching out to private school families, and is proud to open this door for them to have fun, learn and benefit from the expertise of talented teachers, especially in the theater and dance programs.


LINX has skillful teachers who bring many years of talent and expertise to the community. They share the LINX philosophy of fun-based learning, which encourages children to explore and develop their unique interests and talents in an enriching, educational, and fun environment.


Many private school children dream of being on stage, and LINX Theater instructors go to the heart of this with their original and inventive adaptation of The Wizard of Oz, presented in January 2014, and Alice in Wonderland in Spring 2014. LINX Theater offers performing arts classes for children 3 years to 12th grade. Students learn the secrets of character development, as well as how to truly engage an audience. With 15 years of experience in producing original plays and adaptation, LINX Theater Director Todd Morse brings out creativity and confidence in his young performers as they learn new skills and have fun. “Beyond the shows, there is so much wonderful training going on. We utilize improvisation to provide kids confidence in their ever expanding creativity,” said Morse.


With four dance studios that have state-of-the-art sprung dance floors and a full acro tumbling room, LINX provides substantial room for private school kids to enjoy both competitive and recreational dance programs. LINX’s team of professional dance instructors include Heather Emley, LINX Dance Studio Director and winner of numerous regional and national awards, and Erica Monroe, former Boston Celtics Dancer. As of Fall 2013, LINX has expanded the dance studio, providing an extra large state-of-the-art studio complete with mirrors and barres. Dance classes include Ballet, Pointe, Lyrical, Modern, Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap, Acro Tumbling and Competitive Teams. Classes are available for children 2.9 years through 12th grade.


Other enrichment programs popular with private school families include LINX’s hands-on art and science classes, which will enhance a child's self esteem, and prepare them to meet life challenges. "Especially with the potter's wheel, the students learn through trial and error, and this helps their ability to be patient and endure situations that may be difficult in other areas of life," said Sarah Rubben, Art teacher at LINX. The LINX hands-on science program keeps children inspired with projects that vary from week to week, to uncover the mysteries of physics, chemistry and engineering. Concepts explored can include laboratory skills and safety, scientific modeling, flight, and photosynthesis.


The LINX facility has grown to provide much more space for sports. To address the need created by cuts made to private school sports programs, The Sports Zone, a new indoor training space for intense sports training, was created. The room contains four built-in soccer goals, as well as a behind the half-wall "penalty box" for maximum game play, strategic game development and intensity. With a professional staff and growing facility, LINX is a leader in the effort to address the increasing educational demands of the region.


LINX, now in its 7th year of operation, is located at 141 Linden Street, Wellesley, MA. For information on LINX Enrichment classes, visit www.linx-usa.com or call 781-235-3210.


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