You Pick: Where Will You Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?

Last week you picked the best place to get your car tuned up, where’s the best place to celebrate St. Paddy’s?

Last week, you picked Larry Ng’s Auto Service as your favorite place in Wellesley to get a tune up, now that St. Patrick’s Day is approaching, where will you celebrate?

Wellesley isn’t exactly a bar town, but some of the restaurants have bars. in Linden Square has a fully stocked bar and seasonal, local brew on tap.

is a BYOB restaurant and revered by everyone who has been to either the market or restaurant side.

in the Lower Falls has an extensive wine selection.

Remember: If you’re going to consume alcohol at any of Wellesley’s serving establishments, a town bylaw says you must order food in order to be served. And of course, you must be 21 years of age or older.

So where would you celebrate St. Paddy’s in Wellesley?


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