Wellesley's Week In Review, Sept. 13 - 19

Middle School visit to Mosque draws national attention, Creem defends post, Bridge named for Locke, Community Center cleared to serve food.

If you had any doubts about whether Wellesley had finally shaken off its sluggish summer identity, this week probably laid them soundly to rest.

The week began routinely enough - with a report on another successful year for the Jimmy Fund Walk, one of the legs of which began at Babson College on Sunday, followed by a busy Selectmen's meeting addressing a traffic complaint, reviews of gas main installations and a discussion of teleconferencing and its relation to Open Meeting Law.

In comparison to the rest of the week,  the events would soon appear pedestrian.

Tuesday brought the victory of Sen. Cynthia Creem over Democratic Primary Challenger Charles Rudnick. The incumbent entered the glass doors of Baker's Best in Newton and repeated the announcement her Campaign Manager, Mike Sherry, had issued minutes before - Rudnick, who had apparently lost many precincts by a significant percentage - had called to concede. The primary race, along with six others, only brought out about 20 percent of Wellesley's registered voters.

On Wednesday, Whole Foods, long silent on the issue of their move to the old Star Market site, and what, if anything, they could do to aid the owners of the Tian Fu Restaurant, whose sub-lease from Star Market got terminated along with the latter's lease from Gravestar, Inc., wrote a letter to the editor explaining their position, claiming they'd tried to aid the restauranteurs, to no avail.

Wednesday was also the first Fuller Brook Coordinating Committee meeting to discuss a planned overhaul of Fuller Brook Park. The Committee has scheduled a second meeting for Oct 27, and a third for Dec 15, with encore meetings the morning after each.

On Thursday, Wellesley Patch reported that Sprague School had been named a Blue Ribbon School.

The day also marked the group Americans for Peace and Tolerance's release of a video depicting Wellesley Middle School students praying in a local mosque during a field trip to the place of worship in May. Though no Wellesley parents had complained about the trip, and several took the time to speak in defense of the trip and the program that arranged it, the APT's protests drew national media attention. Superintendent Bella Wong apologized that the students were allowed to pray during the trip, which was intended to educate students through observation only.

On Friday, the Rte. 16 bridge over Rte. 9 was dubbed the "State Senator David H. Locke Bridge". "I'm very pleased," said Locke, who counted himself fortunate to still be around to see himself so honored.

The venue for the ceremony was the interior and the grounds of the Wellesley Community Center, which has experienced a beleaguered few weeks since the Health Department shut down food service there. Wellesley Patch reported that while food service has since been restored, there is still some work to be done before the Council on Aging will move back to the site.

That's it for the news from this week. As you get ready for Monday in Wellesley, you might want to hang on tightly, in case the last week marks the start of a trend.








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