Have You Lost a Book Full of Cash?

A book safe containing stacks of cash turned up in the recycling earlier this week, and the man who found it hopes to return it, WCVB reports.

If you found a wad of cash in the trash, would you try to find the original owner? That's what one Marlborough man is trying to do with the help of the local paper.

While dumpster-diving at the Recycling and Disposal Facility, this man stumbled across a hollowed-out book safe containing roughly $20,000 in cash according to a story on WCVB Channel 5

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The money and the book are safe at his Marlborough home, and he reached out to local news sources to try and get the original owners identified. If he can't locate the owners in the next few months, according to WCVB, he will donate some to a charity and keep the rest. 

If you believe the book to be yours, and that you can identify it and its contents, then contact Ipatimga2005@comcast.net


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