Are Your Kids Addicted to Hi-Chew Candies?

Hi-Chews. Credit: Hi-Chew Website.
Hi-Chews. Credit: Hi-Chew Website.

You’ve heard of Starbursts, but have you heard of their Japanese counterparts — Hi-Chews?

Chances are if you’re a Wellesley Middle School parent, you have.

The candies are reportedly so popular among students, that some kids are buying packages, opening them and selling individual candies for $2 a pop, according to the Swellesley Report.

Hi-Chews are sold at Wellesley Variety, where boxes are flying off the shelves.

What are Hi-Chews?

They’re caramel-like candies developed in 1931 by Japanese candy-maker Taichiro Morinaga. The idea behind the candy was to have a chewing gum-like candy that you didn’t have to take out of your mouth. After World War II, the company was rebuilt and Hi-Chews as they are known today were marketed and grew in popularity in Japan.

American celebrities have recently jumped on the Hi-Chew bandwagon, with country singer Skylar Grey Instagramming about them and the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch giving them a try recently.

Are your kids begging you to buy them Hi-Chews? Are they spending their allowance on the Japanese candy? Tell us in the comments.
Femina Ali, D.M.D. February 26, 2014 at 01:44 PM
As a dentist, I'd recommend to be very moderate with indulging in this candy. You have to be aware of the risks high acidity and the sugar content pose to your kids teeth http://goo.gl/BjXQqw


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