Wellesley Residents Named to Honor Roll at The Rivers School

WESTON, MA – The following students from Wellesley were named to the honor roll at The Rivers School in Weston in recognition of their excellent academic performance during the winter term of this year:


High Honors

Amalia L. Busch, Grade 12    

Benjamin D. Churchill, Grade 9         

William D. Cohen, Grade 11  

Emily K. Fraser, Grade 12     

Nazeli I. Hagen, Grade 9        

Nicholas P. Hawkins, Grade 11         

Marcie R. Lowenstein, Grade 10       

Elizabeth K. Magnan, Grade 10        

Samantha A. Milne, Grade 11           

Anthony A. Milne, Grade 9  

Grace M. Monaghan, Grade 9           

James S. Nydam, Grade 11    

John S. Nydam, Grade 11      

Kristen E. Randall, Grade 9   

Emily M. Saperstone, Grade 10        

Julia M. Slifka, Grade 10       

Samuel H. Stulin, Grade 12    

Rhea W. Teng, Grade 11        



Grace A. Carlin, Grade 10     

Ellie M. DeCaprio, Grade 12 

Samuel F. Denomme, Grade 10         

Shahen N. Hagen, Grade 9     

Paul D. Hawkins, Grade 9

Ashley J. Herman, Grade 9   

James C. Howe, Grade 10     

Christopher K. Minklei, Grade 11    

Luke R. Picher, Grade 9         

Andrew J. Segall, Grade 12    

Madeline M. Segall, Grade 9 

Isabel A. Sharpe, Grade 10    

Colby Q. Slifka, Grade 10     

Kendall A. Young, Grade 11  


About The Rivers School

The Rivers School is a coeducational, college preparatory day school in Weston, Mass. that serves students in grades 6 through 12. Rivers offers 35 honors and Advanced Placement courses, exceptional college counseling, an intensive study program for talented student musicians at The Rivers School Conservatory, award-winning music, co-curricular, and studio arts programs, and championship-caliber athletics as a member of the ISL. For more information, please visit www.rivers.org.


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